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That's Right, That's Wrong!

A brand new trivia game in which players face multiple-choice questions and only get points for selecting the wrong answers. Each set contains 50 cards with five questions per card—and on the back of the card are facts about the right answers—so kids learn as they have fun guessing. A Super Challenge Bonus Book with an additional 48 questions, plus scoring devices and complete rules are all included in a sturdy carryall box.

Usually when you mix laughter and learning you just get laughterlearning, and that makes no sense. But this really does…it’s a whole new way to have a great time and learn a ton of stuff. Dr. Wrongo and I hope you like it.

There are four different sets, one each for:
First graders
Second graders
Third graders
Fourth graders

 And there are more sets coming later in the year! And next year! And on and on, until at least 2053!

 Check it out at a bookstore near you—you’ll probably even see the incredible motorized display for it…with sample cards you can play! Go! Now! Thanks!


Download a printable That's Right, That's Wrong Trivia Challenge (PDF)

Download a printable That's Right, That's Wrong guide for educators (PDF)

Download That's Right, That's Wrong questions for grownups! (PDF)




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